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In darkness, the stars shine forever. In daylight, it's as if they never existed

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Birthdate:Feb 21

Elements and Artifacts is a series of themed jewelry and artwork creations
based on myth, elements, seasons, and the stuff of dreams.

what is wounded can also heal;
what is bone can also sprout blossoms;
what is shadow can also be combined with light


..."And thirdly, hold out your hands."
Tristran held out his hands. From high above him a copper-coloured leaf came falling slowly, spinning and gliding and tumbling down. It landed neatly in the palm of his right hand.
"There," said the tree. "Keep it safe. And listen to it, when you need it most. Now," she told him, "the coach is nearly here. Run! Run!"...
—from Neil Gaiman's Stardust

My journal is about everything and nothing, all at once.

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